PHP container

PHP is used with Nginx via PHP-FPM.


PHP container has installed drush. When running drush make sure to open the shell as user 82 (www-data) to avoid access problems in the web server, which is running as user 82, too:

$ docker-compose exec --user 82 php drush

Also, you can use preconfigured drush alias @dev:

$ docker-compose exec --user 82 php drush @dev


PHP container has installed composer. Example:

$ docker-compose exec --user 82 php composer update

Drupal Console

PHP container has installed drupal console. Example:

$ docker-compose exec --user 82 php drupal list


If you want to use Xdebug, uncomment this line to enable it in the compose file before starting containers:

PHP_XDEBUG: 1                 # Enable Xdebug extension
PHP_XDEBUG_DEFAULT_ENABLE: 1  # Comment out to disable (default).

If you would like to autostart xdebug, uncomment this line:

PHP_XDEBUG_REMOTE_AUTOSTART: 1     # Comment out to disable (default).

Xdebug on Mac OS X

There are two more things that need to be done on Mac OS X in order to have Xdebug working. Uncomment PHP_XDEBUG_ENABLED to enable Xdebug and uncomment the following two lines:

PHP_XDEBUG_REMOTE_CONNECT_BACK: 0         # Disabled for to work (enabled by default)
PHP_XDEBUG_REMOTE_HOST: ""  # Setting the host (localhost by default)

It is also needed to have localhost loopback alias with IP from above. You need this only once and that settings stays active until logout or restart.

sudo ifconfig lo0 alias

For more details see the issue with Xdebug in Mac OS.


See the list of environment variables available for customization at wodby/drupal-php.